Command: Ansi.
Format:  set ansi on || set ansi off

     Ansi is a way of coloring specific parts of the text that you
see on your screen.  Wizards can code ansi colors into the short
and long descriptions of rooms and objects.  You may use the 'color'
command to select specific colors for use with a variety of commands,
and combat.  Channels may also be colored with ansi.

     The purpose of this command is to allow you to specify whether
or not you want ANSI colors to be displayed.  Do not set ansi on if
your terminal does not support ANSI color codes.

     Having ansi-shorts and ansi-longs set on will not affect your
screen unless you also have ansi set on.

See also: set, ansi-shorts, ansi-longs, channels, color.

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