Command : Get
Format  : get <item>, get <item> from <item2>, get all, get all from <item>,
          get all <item>, get all <item> from <item2>, get <#> <item>,
          get <#> <item> from <item2>
Example : get small sack

This command will allow you to get items from the room you are in or from
an item in your inventory.  Simply typing 'get <item>' will get the <item>
you have specified from the room you are in.  Typing 'get <item> from
<item2>' will get the <item> from <item2> in your inventory. If you specify
all or <#> before <item> it will get all or that many of items with that

Some items are not gettable because they may either be permanant objects
in the room or they may be too heavy for you to carry.

See also: objects, encumbrance

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