Command : Group.
Format  : group <subcommand> <arguments> 
Example : group invite Duncan

-- Beginning a group:
     Any player may be in a group, simply by inviting another player to 
group with them.  The first player becomes the leader of the group.

     Leader's commands:

        group invite <player>   - invite <player> to join the group
        group leader <member>   - pass leadership of the group onto <member>
        group name <name>       - (re)name the group <name>
                                  Note: if you name your group, other
                                  people will will be able to see its
                                  membership via the 'who -o' and 'who -G'
                                  command.  Typing "group name" with no argument
                                  will un-name the group.
        group remove <member>   - remove <member> from the group

     Any member of the group may use the following commands :

        group accept            - accept an invitation to join a group
        group hp                - display each member's hp/mana/fatigue
        group leave             - leave the group you are currently in
        group status            - display information about the group
        group say <message>     - send <message> to every member in the group
        group split             - split your coins with members of the group
                                  (who must be present at the time)

     All arguments in the above commands are mandatory. 

     Typing <group> by itself will either display the name of the group you
are in, the name of the person / group that last invited you to join them,
or nothing.

See also: groups (for general information on how groups work)

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