Command : Notify
Format  : notify || notify <command>

     The notify command controls the login/logout notification 
inside your player body.  The different commands are as follows:

  Lists your categories.

notify <on/off>
  Turns on/off notification.

notify <on/off> <category>
  Turns notification on/off for <category>. (default is on)
notify level <level>
  Sets your notification to watch for level <level> and above.
  <level> can be a string (e.g. "wizard", "frob") or an ordinal
  value.  (0 is Mortal, 1 is Guest, 2 is Frob)  You will then be
  notified of everyone ranked <level> and above, whether they are
  on your list or not.  Set <level> to 6 to turn off level notification.
notify beep <category> <on/off>
  Marks a notification category for beeping.

notify  <category>
  Lists the contents of <category>.

notify +c <category>
  Adds <category> to your notify list.

notify -c <category>
  Deletes <category> from your notify list.

notify +n <category> <name>
  Adds <name> to <category>.

notify -n <category> <name>
  Deletes <name> from <category>.

notify -n <name>
  Deletes <name> from your notify list.

notify color <category> <color>
  Changes the color of <category> to <color>

    purple or magenta
    yellow or brown
  ( bold <color> can be abbreviated by adding "h" or "b" to the
    beginning of the color.  ( "bold white" becomes "bwhite" ) )

notify convert <bw|bw2|gen|iff>
  Temporary command for converting other friends and foes lists to
  this one.
       bw  - Converts from Binford Wiztoy
       bw2 - Converts from Binford Wiztoy Mark II
       gen - Converts from the Gentool
       iff - Converts from the SuperIFF

notify RESET
  Resets your friends/foes list to the default.

notify *check
  Fixes some problems you might be having with ansi who.
notify move on/off
  Sets movement notification on or off.
notify move on/off <category>
  Sets movement notification on or off for that category.
notify move entrance/exit
  Shows current status for default entrance or exit messagees.
notify move entrance/exit <color>
  Sets default entrance or exit message color.
notify move entrance/exit off
  Turns off default entrance or exit message.

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