The Say Command

     The say command is used to echo messages to anyone who is the 
room with you.  Valid commands are:

say <what>:
  This will echo the string <what> to the room you are in.
' <what>:
  The say command can be abbreviated with a single ' making it easier
  to type.  It works just as though you were typing say.

say /last <number>
  This will display the conversation you've heard. The optional argument
  will display the last number of items up to the max of 20.
say /last <name>
  This will show you all the conversationin your history that came from

say /last <regexp>
  This will do a regexp search through your last 20 history items for 

say /hist
  This will display the last 20 items of conversation.

ALSO SEE: tell, whisper

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