Command: Tell.
Format:  tell <player> <message>
Example: tell zippo wah, the mud is broke!
     The tell command is used to send a message across the mud to
other players currently on the mud or to people on other muds.  Valid
syntax follows:
tell <what> <message>
  This will send the message to the specified person/people.
  What can be any of the following:
  -<category> sends a tell to everyone in <category> if it is one of
       your notification categories.
  :<rclist> tells to everyone on the specified rclist. Go into the
       mailer and type 'list' to get a list of the rclists.
  . tells to whoever you last sent a tell to. This can be one person
       or a group of people.
  <person> send a tell to person.
  <person>@<mud> send an intermud tell to person at mud.
  Any one or combination of these can be used.  When more than one
  group is selected, a comma ',' must be used to seperate them.
      tell bob, ., :eternal, -friends hi
      This would tell bob, the group you last sent a tell to,
      everyone in the eternal cabal and everyone in your friends
      notification list.
  It is not necessary to have a space after each comma.
  All exclaimation marks and spaces will be ignored if in the <what>
  section of the tell.
  Capitalization is ignored in the <what> portion of the tell. "BOB"
  is the same as "bob".
tell /last (num)
  This will display the last tell you recieved. The optional argument
  will display the last num tells up to the max of 20.  This setting
  is saved.  Example: If you did tell /last 10, the next time you did
  tell /last it would display the last 10 tells.

tell /last (name)
  This will show you all the tells in your history that came from

tell /last (regexp)
  This will do a regexp search through your last 20 tells for regexp.
tell /hist 
  This will display the last 20 tells.

See also: reply, say, whisper.

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