EotL Cabals

There is no single theme on EotL. Wizards (i.e. coders) have the freedom to make any type of area they want. The entire play-area of the mud can be broken down into many individual cabals.

Each cabal consists of a group of wizards who work together on a common area on the mud.

You can find out which cabal you are currently in and the list of that cabal's coders with the creator command.

There are several newbie areas to be found in various cabals.

Note for Wizards:
It is up to you to make sure your cabal is listed here. If it is not, or if you want to change your cabal's description, please send it to me.

Cabals that are open for players (as of July 2019) and a brief description:

This is the primary cabal on the game, where all new players start. Eternal City is the center of the EotL universe.
This is an underwater world.
This is one of the oldest cabals and serves as a link between Castles and Entesia cabals.
A battlefield where the forces of Adon and the forces of Aravan square off in endless war.
Go through the nexus and find yourself in the home of the Hooloovoo.
Cabal TV is all about TV shows. You get there through a television set.
The large tapestry on the wall depicts two castles; one dark and foreboding, and the other a sparkling jade color. Mythical beasts are beautifully woven into the fabric, frolicking in play and challenging each other in combat.
This is the land of the strange, demented and weird. From drunken Superheros, to the legendary Chicken Warrens, we have it all.
This cabal is based on a fantasy forest kingdom.
This area has a small elvish theme. Aescbourne is the main village.
Its original theme was mini-areas based on famous stories and novels (e.g. Stephen King's It, Poe's House of Usher, and Alice In Wonderland), but it now includes just about anything. Crimson City is the main city.
...And so the Gods created the world of Krynn as a dwelling place for the spirits. The High God decreed that each spirit could choose his own way through life. Then would come death, the passage from Krynn to the next state of existence.
Lands of wonder and magic, these lands diverge from mainstream. Worlds out of time where the gods dance on mountain tops on misty nights.
Middle Earth

This Middle Earth area is taken from the First Age of Middle Earth as depicted by JRR Tolkien in his book "The Silmarilion." It will include such fabled characters as Morgoth, Ulmo, Feanor and his sons, Sauron, Cirdan the Shipwright, Durin, Thorondor, Thingol, and Melian.

Middle Earth includes be the Grey Havens, Greenwood the Great (which becomes Mirkwood in the time of the Lord of the Rings), Beleriand, Menegroth, Khazad-Dum (also known as Moria), The High Peaks of Crissaegrim, and Angband.

This Age occurs before the coming of Men (called Atanari, "the After Comers" by the Elves). Therefore, all of the major characters in this story will be Elven, Dwarven, Valar (god-type characters), or demon types. Morgoth will also use orcs and trolls as his cannon fodder in the war that is occuring between him and the elves.

There was once a huge mine that was abandoned by the dwarves that made it because of the discovery of a vampire's crypt buried in the mountain. The crypt was magically sealed by the dwarven king. Later on various evil nasties moved in, making parts of the mine their home.
This is the home of Bard Castle.
Nargolia is an evil area filled with vampires, spectral warriors, Dark Ones, and dragons. The main castle is Castle Nargol.
Naromaar is a typical heavily-guarded town. To the south are some thugs who enjoy nothing more than picking your pocket or sinking a blade into your back. To the east is the mayor of the town who asks for your help by clearing the 'evil' from the crypt. He doesn't know much about it, but will recognize proof of you killing the Crypt leader, Vidruand. In the northern section are the guilds of the Crusaders, Paladins, and Clerics.
This cabal is solely for the Nymphomaniacs' Guild.
This cabal has mainly a forest theme.
The purpose of this cabal is to coordinate programming efforts that involve major and minor sports activities. From American-style football to full-contact pingpong to skydiving -- We do it all!
In the Startrek cabal, you'll get to roam around a 13-deck model of the USS Enterprise, do battle with Lieutenant Worf, mosey around the bridge, chat with a few crew members, and have a drink in 10-forward. This cabal has tons of cool monsters, weapons, and even a quest or two. There's something for players of all levels.
Underworld cabal is the home to all creatures of the darkness, those that dwell in the depths below Eternal City. As old as Eternal City, the sewer system below provides access to various underground adventure areas and connections to other cabal areas. Beware; the deeper one delves into the depths of the Underworld, the greater the peril. Mysteries and secrets abound.
Umm, I wish I could describe this.
Yxuxacta is an acid trip. To get there, you drop acid. Need I say more?
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