The "Very Unique" Award

This Award
The 'Very Unique' Award!
has been given to
who exemplifies creative
English grammar and
word choice

        Despite the detailed ideas, good experience, and beautiful formatting, I cannot bring myself to approve an application containing the phrase, "very unique". This is a pet peeve of mine, and I will explain it here. "Unique" means "one of a kind". If something is unique, it is the only one of its say something is more unique than another unique object is folly. It is a phrase used by ineloquent people in a futile attempt to express an object's distinctiveness.
        Thumbs down.

               -Jimbotomy, reviewing a frob application

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Award Recipients

* Heels 2 High Heaven (27 Aug 2000)
* Ceridwen's Dragon Lair (30 Apr 2000)
* Dustin's Ruminations (11 Mar 2000)
* Soul Quest: Trips to the other side
(16 Feb 2000)
* Brian (7 Apr 1998)

Nominations List

* Ships in the Night (October 5, 1997)
This is just a funny dialogue for those who appreciate grammar.
* Jack In The Box
For their commercial with the antenna ball Jack, where he describes the sourdough jack as "Very unique."
* Friend Finder (May 22, 1997)
"Note: Almost every simple word has been used, please consider using a very unique word or add a number after your handle."
* Cajun MADEŽ Golf Products (June 10, 1997)
"Cajun MADEŽ has long been a source of some of the finest, and most unique golf equipment and accessories."
* Harvest Creations (October 5, 1997)
"Very Unique, Leather Christmas Stockings" [There are 7 of them.]
* Pam's Flower Creations (October 5, 1997)
The title bar says: "Hand Pressed Flower Pictures In Frames - Real Dried Flowers - Very Unique Gift Pansies Violas Crafts Arts Handcrafted Gifts"
* Web Gems (October 5, 1997)
"Tourmaline PINK Brazil. Freeform fantasy cut top and bottom. A very unique and beautiful stone. ... Tourmaline PINK Brazil. This is a round fantasy cut top and bottom. Again, a very unique stone."
The title bar says: "Fauceted Gems"
* Windows to the Universe - Life on Earth (October 5, 1997)
"The Earth is very unique to our universe because it is the only planet known to have life."
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