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In recent years the World Wide Web has seen a veritable explosion of mostly meaningless award icons. And some sites have to make more than one page to hold them all! We here at EotL felt a great urgency to join the bandwagon way back in 1997, so we could offer you our very own special exclusive awards collection!

* The "I Hate Frames" Award
* The "Very Unique" Award
* The "Enhanced for Lynx" Award
* The Award for Self-Proclaimed Excellence

If you feel that you or someone you love deserves one of these awards, mail your nomination to us! If you add an award to your page, we only ask a couple of things:

  1. Copy the award image on your own server. To merely make a link to any of these images would be bandwidth stealing, and people who do that suck.
  2. Make the image link back to this page, http://www.eotl.org/awards/ or to the individual award page.

Ideas and inspiration for this page have come for the most part from Hannah, Voy, and Tabitha, who one day stumbled upon several pretentious, awards-laden sites and came up with ideas for their own web site awards.

One of our astute readers pointed out another site that is also full of fun award icons -- The Corporation.

Awards page created 10 Apr 1997
Last updated 27 Sep 2000
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