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We created this forum for you, so that you can provide some input regarding the pressing EotL issues that greatly affect your mud-addicted life.

There are no issues currently up for vote.

Results of previous votes:

March 25, 2000: Which is more fake?

Skorch's Edmonton photos: 37
William Shatner's toupee: 37

It was a tie!

June 27, 1999: Which of the following best describes Purge?

tard: 25
fine, upstanding mud citizen: 5
geek: 3
nerd: 2

December 12, 1998: Would you do Purge for 200 billion experience points? Or Reflex for $200 and a car wash? Or Zippo for free?

Zippo: 29
Reflex: 26
Purge: 12

Note: Reflex's original total was 32, but due to the following confession by Alchemist, his total was dropped.

+=Linux=+ (beer) Alchemist: oh, btw reflex
+=Linux=+ (beer) Alchemist: i voted for you like 8 times on the eotl page

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